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One More Moment

by AFFIRM featuring Bayley & Hunt

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Overflowing 06:59
Overflowing Walking through the dawn Of a new form of existence A lonely, quiet felt feeling At the start of a new day Think I’ve sorted it out That lost and hopeless feeling Lonely nights and sad filled moments Not the way to spend my days Come to realise, come to realise If I can just hold on To the thought that all is never gone A surprise to brighten the day Is always around the corner Don’t care what others say A half cracked smile comes over my face One foot in the past, one step in outer space Perhaps it´s not so bad, that I had this love Although the aftermath is sad If I can just hold on, if I can just hold on hold on , hold on, if I can just hold on Come to realise that my thoughts won´t win the prize hold on , hold on, hold on , hold on A glint of light fills the sky A shot of hope enlightens my eyes Perhaps I will soon come out of this prison A place where you and I are hidden A the sunshine starts to fill my soul And disperses the gloom of those past feelings Of long ago
Cry Cry 06:23
Cry Cry Cry, cry, cry out in this pain Cry, cry till my demons will all be slain Take a sword of valour and cut away those chains Give up all my fear, step out of this world of shame Try, try, try to cut this chord Cut away from this rope, that binds me in so much pain Pick up my courage and hold it high like a flag I’ll hold fast to its power, hold it tight in my hands Cry, cry out no more Be ready to fight Cry , cry out of love Be drawn to the light When I see what I was afraid of I´ll look it in the eyes I´ll see that’s an illusion That tries to stoke my fear In this moment of challenge and fear I search for you my friend, Hoping you will appear at the end Then that courage flows back like the sea Holding me in safety Like a child at your knee Cry, cry, cry away my fear Cry away those countless tears Leave them for another year Cry, cry, wait ´til you appear Cry, cry, cry, cry
Who Am I? 04:50
Who Am I? Who am I? In this subterranean world of the unseen What is this world of mysteries and dreams? A floating sea of ideas and histories I want to see you in the depths of my mind I need to find you in the depths of the earth It´s been so long since I set out on this path It´s been too long since I glimpsed you from a world of make believe Stepping out of my created world I find a place where visions and dreams are there to behold Consciousness , yes a state of mind But in your world just a sleight of hand I thought it was all just me A state of which to flee But how could I know that nothingness is the reality? For in that place I´m free, Free to see both worlds are just temporary Who am I? What is me? A hackneyed line for the blind In tranquillity I have become to realise the dream That precious life is like a stream Moving deep from mountain to sea Just to become me Who am I? In this subterranean world of the unseen
Where Are You Now? Where are you now my love? Hiding away from life and me? Is your heart beating to the time of life we had? Or have you left behind you and me? Where do I begin to tell you how much you mean to me, To this heart of mine that loves you? A word on a burnt and scarred page A line written in the sand A melody that begins and ends in tears Where are you my life? Do you look over the mountains or the sea? Do you live in the City Or down by the sea? Where are you now my love? My only love Hiding away from life and me? Hiding from life and me? Where are you now my love? Hiding away from life and me? Do you walk along the riverside Or do you stay alone and hide? Not knowing where you are My treasure of gold that is lost Lost for ever, buried deep Like a restless sleep, a restless sleep You and me Rest In the arms of memory, if you are still alive Be blessed in the folds of mystery, if you did not survive You keep safe, keep happy my love Or rest in Peace Rest in Peace, oh rest in Peace my love
Flower of Love Petals of a flower of love Drop down one by one by one Shedding perfection in their fall Love returning to earth Tread softly over that sacred ground Leave to rest the treasure we once found It can never be taken back It lives in its own memory That child is no longer No longer with you No more in your world But not forgotten Oh sweet words of the poet That dance off the page No longer do you stir my heart How can they, now I don´t have you? Oh sweet portraits of the past That hang on my barren walls How can you inspire me Now that you are gone? Oh soulful music of the time That should bring harmony to the soul How can you give me rest Now you are no longer here? But wait, when the whithered flower falls A new love will spring up one day Not greater, nor less But a new flower to bless
Rainy Days In California Rainy days in California Wondering what´s to come around the corner There´s no need to worry when you are near me Counting days until you call me Pacing rows to keep me falling Waiting for the moment to come, when I can see you again Memories fade, the days are a blur The time goes by, just give me a sign I´m waiting for you, with nothing to do Just being around, kicking my shoes Give me a chance, give me a call Let me know what I´m living for Think I´ll walk along the shoreline Watching the waves and give you more time Give you a chance to think about it I´m waiting to hear, if you will appear I´m looking for you, to tell me it´s true That we have a life together in love, That you will come home, so I won´t be alone Tell me you care, share all your thoughts I´m waiting to hear if you´re still there Rainy days in California The sun is hiding around the corner Rainy days in California Wondering what´s to come Around the corner
Surrender 06:00
Surrender I set out from the West, of those forgotten lands I was searching for my friend, in the wilderness of those sands I forgot my fear and bewilderment As I passed through the gates of hell I fought to hide and runaway But my quest kept me alive Onward I took each step on harsh and uneven paths When I faltered, I took a breath and held your smile in my hands When I slipped up and lost my step , I held your smile then in my heart Step by step, I travelled onward through those dark days and nights Never once did I give in to the the nagging thoughts of survival It took me a while to understand Exactly what I wanted, I needed I thought it was just to see you again Now I know it was more, to believe in you to the end Oh my Elvin Queen I miss you, I miss that smile on your face Yours is the most beautiful face, that I have ever seen You light up all my world and everyone´s too I see you in the forest and the mountains too If I ever get to see you again, a reflection of my mind If I ever touch your feet again, a gesture so sublime I’ll know my journey has ended in this land, As you are not of this world I’ll know my journey has ended I’ve come in from the cold, to be with you To be with you
One Breath Look into my eyes, tell me what you see there? How deep will you look at me? Tell me what you see! Are you scared to go too deep, in case you are no longer free there, Free to wander around this land without a care, with no despair? Nothing holding me down to fate without a crown Freedom such a nice thing But, come on, do you think it´s real? Do you know where to begin? Look a little longer, be courageous, hold that stare Or is it that you just really cant or you just don’t care? If you see the love I hold for you You may think that it could be true But perhaps you’ll carry on wondering You may think that it could be true But perhaps you’ll carry on in your world Until you are black and blue Keep on wondering, it could be true I have only kindness and love for you So it´s your choice to look or not Perhaps one day you´ll finally choose I have only kindness and love for you in which case I may just lose, or not I have only kindness and love for you
Image Of Your Love Is it true you only ever wished the best for me? Is it true you never spoke in jest to me? Now your words are written in the cloudy skies Cannot see them clearly however hard I try Is it so, your words and meaning have a place, To keep our memories, to keep the faith, Or only just a record of what has gone, Before that day when it all unspun? I hold the image of your love In both eyes, ears and in my heart As the storm clouds fill my soul The memories fade from long ago Hold, hold on, hold on to that sweet memory A picture of you and me Come closer, come closer Come closer now, take my hand Drift through the clouds from another land Share a gaze, look into my eyes Tell me you’re here, it´s not, not a lie If only I could hold you tight Instead of laying here, feeling out of sight I would tell you of my happiness That you and I have at last met The pain and sorrow cannot last These pictures and feelings from the past I know somehow you will drive them away, If only to come back another day Is it you or just another band Of your hair, golden light, a magic strand Weaving towards me from a mystery place Tears flow like pearls along my face Hold on to those sweet memories, hold on Hello, hello goodbyes, Hello, hello goodbyes Which one is it before I die, which one? Perhaps it was never meant to be? But still I hope for you and me Hold on Hold on to that sweet memory, a picture of you and me
One More Moment Whenever I look up at the sky for you All I see is your kindness Whenever I sing out a song for you I know that you feel me with you Reach out Hold me Reach out hold me The loneliness of dark winter´s nights Keeping my sadness The quiet days and very long nights Keep me so empty How long can I keep this distance from you? Can I hold on to the thought of you? Wish you were near me Wish you were here close to me Wish you were here Can the strong seas carry me to you? A ship with no anchor Can the waves of your swirling hair Keep me afloat till I reach you? Can a few words I send forth to you Come back and kiss me? Can a few tears I shed for you Wish away sorrow and make the sunshine? Wish you were near me Wish you were here close to me Wish you were here Wish you were near Is it only another year gone by, Where I look at your empty chair? A world of pain and no gain Cause you’re not here with me I’ll take leave of this lonely town Catch that flight and be with you Settle down To a life of bliss and happiness One more moment with you
Journey to The Sunshine Waiting for our day to begin, been here forever I need to get away The rail-tracks run in straight lines, dividing paths from roads, carving new ways untold Rising up with the view, crossing bridges to get to you Those tracks are part of my mind, carving through my life through and through and through ways to you, way to get to you Here it comes, the twelve thirty-four, right on time must be for me One, two three four Hope it stops here not a wish unfulfilled, take my ticket check my bill Doors opening wide, strangers getting out, thoughts running about worries, gone away Journey to The Sunshine Up on a runner to get on board, feels like adventure, like going abroad Of we go clickety clack, hope to get there soon, hope to keep it on track Just a journey, a journey to you A travel for a time anew Won't check how long and just hope it's all true, my journey to the sunshine for you.... journey to the sunshine for you Just a ride to your time, running to you, it's not a crime At last I get to you, most of the time, to see you most of the time Journey to the sunshine Journey to your sunshine, as least I get to see you most of the time




The new original album entitled ´One More Moment´ from AFFIRM (featuring Bayley & Hunt) is now available as a digital album to download/stream on our official Bandcamp page and other selected digital outlets. We have also launched pre-orders for the album on CD. We expect CD stock to be available from May 16th.

AFFIRM are founder member of the legendary 60s pre-Yes band Mabel Greer's Toyshop Clive Bayley and multi-instrumentalist/producer Max Hunt. The album also features guest performances from Rita Fabrizio (USA) on Flute, Peter Tesarek (Germany) on lead guitar and Annouchka Bayley (UK) on spoken word.

This album follows on from ´Whispers´ by Bayley and Hunt which was released to critical acclaim in 2020.

Whilst ´One More Moment´ is deeply rooted in the psychedelic & progressive rock of the 60s & 70s, it also strongly embraces elements of contemporary rock/pop, world and film music. Clive and Max have built on the experience gained producing Whispers to creat a powerful new album with deeply romantic, emotional and metaphysical themes, powerful orchestration, world music rhythms and the odd surprise.

Production of this album was started in October 2021 and work continued in both the UK and Germany with Clive and Max playing a range of guitars, bass, keyboards and percussion. The album also features extensive vocal arrangements, arranged and performed by Clive and Max.

Clive Bayley is a founder member of the London based 60s pre-Yes band Mabel Greer's Toyshop. Clive founded the band with Bob Hagger in 1966. Chris Squire was their bassplayer and, following a period of extreme creativity and line-up changes with Tony Kaye, Bill Bruford and Jon Anderson joining, MGT became Yes in 1968. Clive co-wrote the songs 'Beyond & Before' and 'Sweetness' which featured on the first Yes Album in 1969

Max Hunt was born in 1966 (the year that Mabel Greer's Toyshop was founded!). Max learned classical piano from an early age and became fully professional keyboard player in 1993. In 2001 Max joined Yes tribute band Fragile and toured the UK and Europe, including shows with Steve Howe & Alan White of Yes. Max has also worked with Jon Anderson, ex-Marillion singer Fish, Chris Jagger, well known UK children's TV presenter Johnny Ball, ex-Manfred Mann Earth Band singer/guitarist Chris Thompson, ex-Peter Maffay guitarist Frank Diez, original Spencer Davies Group drummer Pete York and German rock-guitar maestro Siggi Schwarz.

Max was introduced to Bob & Clive in 2015 by Yes biographer Dave Watkinson, as Mabel Greer´s Toyshop had reformed in France and were looking for a keyboard player. Max joined the band and played keyboards on and co-produced the second MGT album ´The Secret´ in 2016/17.


released April 24, 2022

Clive Bayley: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboard
Max Hunt: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Drums/Percussion, Sampling
Rita Fabrizio: Flute on Overflowing
Peter Tesarek: Lead Guitar on Cry Cry, Rainy Days In California & One More Moment
Annouchka Bayley: Déclame on Flower Of Love

Recorded at Force Ten Productions, Erbach Deutschland & Studio Sulgrave, UK

Mixed and Mastered: Force Ten Productions UK

Album cover artwork: Romeo & Juliet by Frank Diksee (1853 - 1928)

Graphic Design: Max Hunt, Force Ten Productions

©2022 Affirm Copyright Control, All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved



Fragile Frankfurt, Germany

Fragile are the original European YES tribute project and have toured the UK & Europe in various line-ups for the past 20 years. This included live dates/tours with Steve Howe in 2005,6 & 7 and appearances with Alan White & Rick Wakemen.

Following 20 years of performing Yes music, the band are no longer performing LIVE but now write/record original Yes inspired music.
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